You’ll find helpful tools and resources here to help you parent for cyber safety.

Learn how to limit screen time, create a technology contract, ideas for offline fun activities that kids can do without you, ideas on how to earn screen time after doing important things–right here!

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Looking for a place to help you design a custom technology contract for your child? Janell Burley Hofmann’s site  gives you examples and lets you create a child using their ideas and your words. It’s a time-saver.

How about 100+ offline activities for kids that you can point to when your child is bored and has no screen time left? Post this on your fridge and you’ll be surprised at how creative they’ll get.

Would you like to have your child finish certain things to earn screen time? Maybe some chores, school work, or taking a shower… Here’s a Daily Expectations tool that you can use as a guide to create your own requirements to earn screens at your house.

There is one subscription I recommend all families have.

Bark lets you filter the bad stuff, limit screen time, set a bedtime, select which apps are okay and supervise what your child is doing online. It sends you a parent alert when your child is sending or receiving something inappropriate on more than 25 different apps. It allows you to have a conversation about what is appropriate based on your family values and it makes sure your kids are staying safe in their interactions. Click this link for a lifetime 20% discount on Bark.

“Is it even possible?” is a question we hear parents asking every day. Especially now.

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