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Here are my top recommendations:

To learn more about an app (is it appropriate for your child?) or learn more about a movie, game, TV show (any media) and get ratings, read details, hear from other parents and kids, go to Common Sense Media 

There are lots of options to limit your child’s time online and filter the internet. The app/device I recommend is called Circle and it gives you the magical ability to set bedtimes–your child’s phone stops internet when the bedtime is reached!
A book that gives great overview for setting rules online and boundaries online while keeping relationships strong is Janelle Burley Hoffman’s book iRules 
Make a custom technology plan (phone contract) for your child at 
The best tool to monitor your child’s online behavior while still giving them some privacy is an app called Bark. You only get alerts when your child may be venturing into dangerous territory. I use Bark myself and it’s changed how I parent online and I recommend it to ALL PARENTS who have a child using a smartphone. This link gives you 20% off the subscription.
To learn how parents can be the guard rails online, go to my blog post: The Five Circles of Online Safety.
To learn more about how you use technology (or get used BY it!)  and inspire your family to change their online habits, start here: Join my free 5 Day Intentional Screens Challenge 

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