Kids and screens don't have to be a dangerous combination. Let us help.

Children need your help today. Their world is filled with addictive technology and smart devices that suck up all their time.

In fact, over 90% of teens in the U.S. have smart phones and are on them an average of 6.5 hours a day, not including homework.

You worry they’re spending too much time online, at the expense of their schoolwork, friends IRL and time to “just be a kid”. 

The Center for Online Safety helps parents and educators teach kids how to be good digital citizens, set goals based on what’s most important, prioritize their time and, sometimes, even put down their screens.

Resources for Schools

Be a thought leader in online safety. 

Tools for Parents

Peacefully parent the screen time challenges. 

What people are saying

Lisa is doing important work in this field in a humane and loving way. She is so gifted at connecting families and communities to help our kids and our families to flourish.

Rev. Marci Scott-Weis

Lisa's expertise helped me think through how I wanted to parent my teenager. I have new skills and can change my iPhone settings to monitor what my teen does. I learned how to see if my child needs my help with a simple tool and another tool to turn certain apps off. I appreciate Lisa's guidance in this overwhelming topic.

Evelyn Sipher

Teacher, WA state

Thank you so much for the concrete solutions you give parents to implement. Your message of online safety for kids is one all parents, educators and community members should hear.

Lynda Jonas, Esq

Legal Ease LLC

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