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Lisa Honold is a cyber safety educator devoted to keeping kids safe at home and at school. She works with schools to increase digital wellness for students and develop strong parent partnerships for cyber safety. Her background as a CPA brings risk identification and mitigation to the forefront, highlighting risk areas that schools may have overlooked.

As founder and director of the Center for Online Safety, Lisa is a national public speaker on digital wellness, cyber safety and peaceful parenting and has been featured in major media outlets. Thousands of parents have applied the concepts in her cyber safety courses to enjoy a more peaceful family life. Her podcast, Unplug and Plug In, is described as “the go-to-guide on using tech intentionally”.

She lives on an island near Seattle, WA with her husband and three tech-loving teens.


Discussion Topics

  • Strengthening the parent-school partnership to increase cyber safety for children and mitigate risks
  • Getting tech companies to take responsibility for making safe products, platforms and services
  • What’s “normal” in tween and teen behavior and when parents should worry
  • How to do a “Tech Cleanse” in your family
  • Digital wellness and well-being
  • Cyber safety for kids

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Fresh Start Family


The Fresh Start Family Show podcast hosts Terry and Wendy Snyder chatted with Lisa Honold about the mistakes parents make when they try to reduce excessive screen time and how to avoid them.

RESET Toolbox partners with the Center for Online Safety

The RESET Toolbox is presented by Western Youth Services in collaboration with Orange County Department of Education, the Children’s Hospital of Orange County and five other partners: the Center for Online Safety, Child Guidance Center, ReSolutionaries, The Tech Wizard and Tilly’s Life Center.

The RESET Toolbox is a collaborative collection of resilience-building resources and trainings to minimize anxiety and build resilience in children and teens. 

The RESET Toolbox includes no-cost trainings for families, educators, school/district administrators, K-12 students, community members, youth-serving organizations, and collaborative agencies. Some of the topics include: cyber-safety, technology trainings for parents/caregivers, building resilience, relationship building, conflict resolution, social-emotional learning and so much more.

The collective goal is to buffer the effects of COVID-19 and help the kids in our community to be emotionally equipped to succeed during and after COVID-19. 

Is this “normal” teen behavior or should I worry?

The Ryan Bartel Foundation’s Parent FORTitude series

All teens get bummed out from time to time. How can parents tell the difference between normal teen angst and serious problems that require professional help?


“Is this okay?” How to know if a game or app is safe for your child with Lisa Honold

Guest Lisa Honold provides guidelines in this episode to help us decide if a game or app is safe for our child in this podcast “Homeschooling with Technology” with Meryl van der Merwe.

Lisa is a cyber safety educator and director of the Center for Online Safety. She teaches parents and school leaders how to keep kids safe online with simple and respectful strategies to help set healthy limits on screens and technology. Her popular online courses teach parents how to set healthy limits on technology while helping kids develop their own internal compass.

Her system for choosing appropriate apps and games is called “The Five Steps to YES” and you’ll learn about it in this episode.

Worried about midnight gadget use? The questions to ask before Sleepovers

This article is about kids using screen time excessively at night and the trouble they can get into. Alone and with peers.

For Kids, Free Time Equals Screen Time 

This article is about screen time becoming the “go to” for kids when they’re bored, lonely or have an extra minute and what parents can do to change this attitude.

Wall Street Journal article includes a link to our 100+ Offline Activities for Kids.

Five Steps to YES for Video Games and Online Apps (aka “Is Fortnite Really Okay for my Kids?”)

How do you know which online games and social media are okay for your child? Lisa Honold from the Center for Online Safety will be talking about her “Five Steps to Yes” Process. You’ll learn where to start, the one website you need to bookmark and the review process that’s critical. We’ll also talk about how to take back a “yes” when the game or app is driving you crazy. 

Pandemic Partnering, Cyber Safety &  Virtual Learning: Your Critical Role in Cyber Safety for Students 

2020 Washington State School Director’s Association Annual Conference

Explore the critical leadership role school leaders have in the online safety of your students.

Schools have pivoted heroically to deliver emergency virtual learning over the last 8 months through the Pandemic. Now it’s time to ensure students are safe online, while partnering with parents to provide the support they need to supervise your students’ virtual learning.

Learn how to create and strengthen parent partnerships specifically for cyber safety with our system that will protect and serve your students and their families in 2020 and beyond.

Teens & Screens Parent Summit presented by Joyful Courage.

Hear Casey O’Roarty, host of the Joyful Courage Parenting Summit, interview Lisa Honold, Director of the Center for Online Safety, as they discuss setting limits on screens at different ages, how to re-set boundaries when they’ve slipped and effective conversation starters to end the power struggles over screen time.

Teen mental health is a real issue these days – and mental health can absolutely be affected by the ways our teens are using technology. What makes this summit special is the candid authenticity Casey brings to each of the conversations. She keeps things honest and doesn’t shy away from how MESSY these years are for parents. You will hear her diverse panel of experts talk about our teens attachment to their phones, setting limits and online safety, gaming, tech and the brain, and social media and online predators. (Recordings available here.)

What can parents DO about all that screen time for kids?

While we were home 24/7, many kids and teens were on screens more than ever before. They used technology for school, they used technology to connect, they used it to entertain themselves. But summer is here and many parents are asking how they can decrease the amount of time that kids are on screens — ideally, without creating power struggles.

Hear Rachel Bailey, host of Your Parenting Long Game Podcast, interview Lisa Honold, Director of the Center for Online Safety, as they discuss parents’ role in online safety, whether the difference in type of screen time matters, how to track and monitor what kids are doing online, how to approach our kids and teens when it comes to reducing the amount of times they spend on screens… and even how we should deal with the guilt we’ve had over how we’ve let them use screens in the past. 

How much screen time is TOO much?

When it comes to kids and electronics, there are a lot of opinions and potential troubles. 

How much is too much screen time? How do parents get them off their screens without causing meltdowns? Should kids even have screen time at all?

In this episode of Exceptional Parenting Podcast with Wendy Bertagnole, Lisa Honold, Director of the Center for Online Safety, helps answer all those questions and teaches parents how to avoid the three biggest mistakes when setting screen time rules. 

We also dive into realistic, research-based strategies to help kids navigate screens safely. 

podcast cover art for Apparently Parent podcast

All you need to know about screen time use

Are you struggling with how your kids use screens? Do you find yourself fighting with them over how many hours of screen they are allowed to use each day? Or what they do online? 

Join me Eran Katz in this interview with Lisa Honold. Lisa is a certified Positive Discipline parent educator and an advocate for  cyber safety for kids. Her work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal and the “Empowered Parenting Summit 2020”. As the Director for the Center for Online Safety, she helps families stop fighting over screen time so they can get back to having fun together.

And this is exactly what you’ll learn in today’s episode. 

Screen-time Management: How do you know you kids are actually doing online school and not playing Minecraft or scrolling TikTok?

Kids who are online for school and homework are often distracted by games and social media. With The Tech Reset Framework, you can help your kids manage schoolwork first. In less than 30 minutes, you’ll set your kids up for success and make your life easier with two must-have apps, a simple check-in and three critical screen time rules.

Jill Wolf gathered 26 experts to address parent concerns around Pandemic Schooling this Fall, whether they plan to homeschool, school 100% online, hybrid school or physically send students to school. There are specific tools and resources parents need right now. 


How to Manage Screen Time (Teaching Autism Podcast)

Teaching Autism’s Nikki and Lisa Honold talk about keeping kids safe online.

  • Staying safe online.
  • Setting up a schedule for at home during online learning.
  • Sideways conversations.
  • Collaborating with your kids for screen time rules.
  • How to set limits on screen time.
  • The different categories of screen time.
  • The effect that social media can have on us.
  • How to know when children are working (online learning) or playing?

How to be an Empowered Parent with Screen Time

Imagine raising the kind of person you’d actually want to know and spend time with!? Thankfully, it’s possible!

Join me and 28 top-rated, parenting experts as I am interviewed by Debbie Zeichner, host of the “Becoming an Empowered Parent” FREE online series, offering expert tools for embracing imperfection, building connection and creating more peace and joy within your family.

Online safety and peacefully parenting all those challenging screen time conversations is my focus.

Discover expert advice, tools, and practical strategies for reducing stress, frustration and overwhelm, so you can focus on raising kind, compassionate, confident and resilient kids — while BEING the present and joyful parent you’ve always envisioned. These are the very tools which have benefitted my own family and I’m confident they will benefit yours as well! 

Educating Digital Natives: How Schools Can Be the Bridge to Online Safety

2019 Washington State School Director’s Association Annual Conference

Explore the school board’s role in the online safety of students. Learn how schools can bridge the gap in online safety, partner with parents for innovative solutions and ultimately, teach parents to be leaders in cyber safety.

“How ‘The Talk’ Can Help Keep Your Kids Safer Online” Webinar with Amy Lang

Here’s the thing… your kids are curious. They’re going to stumble onto pornography. (Yes, it’s not IF they will, it’s WHEN. These days the average age a child sees porn is 11 years old.)

Amy Lang of Birds+Bees+Kids is an expert who will walk you through what to say and when to say it. I’ll be co-hosting and adding some cyber safety tips and resources. Parenting is hard but we’ll make this part easier.

Connected Carers Summit

Amanda Parker is a certified Confidence Coach for underprivileged youth and works with foster kids and families. She’s created a summit to foster families, as well as all families who strive to lovingly support their kids.

We presented on online safety and how to approach screen time rules with respect and humor.

Parents Planning Ahead for Virtual Learning

Learn a portion of our proprietary system The Family Tech Reset, hear about the two apps every parent needs to try and practice the exact script parents need to start with to take back screen time in this summit interview by Karima Davis of My Tutor Partners 

podcast cover art for Apparently Parent podcast

Apparently Parenting Podcast episode #29

Expert Compilation

Worried about how the next school year is going to look like? Afraid to send your kids back to school? Or feeling stressed about another year of remote learning?

Eran Katz of Apparently Parenting interviews a dozen parenting experts to get their advice for parents in this unique time.

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