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Lisa Honold is a certified Positive Discipline parent educator and cyber safety expert who teaches parents and schools how to keep kids safe online. 

As the Director for the Center for Online Safety, Lisa has been quoted extensively in the Wall Street Journal, was a speaker at the “Empowered Parenting Summit 2020”, facilitated discussions for the documentaries “Screenagers” and “LIKE”, and has presented workshops at various libraries and school districts. 

Lisa specializes in helping parents eliminate arguments over screen time, using easy ways to limit and monitor children online, and teaching children the basics of being good digital citizens.

She lives on an island outside of Seattle, WA with her husband and three tech-loving teens and tweens.

Here are just a few topics we can discuss on podcasts, from the stage and in the media:

  • Three mistakes parents make when they try to set up rules for screen time
  • “Sideways conversations”: how to talk so kids and parents are on the same side collaborating
  • How to stop fighting over screen time
  • The latest research on screen time
  • “Clean and clear” conversations: how to set up screen rules that make sense
  • How to use apps and online resources to manage screen time
  • Why parents need to teach kids “Intentional Screen Time”
  • Why schools need to teach students “Intentional Screen TIme”

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While we were home 24/7, many kids and teens were on screens more than ever before. They used technology for school, they used technology to connect, they used it to entertain themselves. But summer is here and many parents are asking how they can decrease the amount of time that kids are on screens — ideally, without creating power struggles.

Hear Rachel Bailey, host of Your Parenting Long Game Podcast, interview Lisa Honold, Director of the Center for Online Safety, as they discuss parents’ role in online safety, whether the difference in type of screen time matters, how to track and monitor what kids are doing online, how to approach our kids and teens when it comes to reducing the amount of times they spend on screens… and even how we should deal with the guilt we’ve had over how we’ve let them use screens in the past. 

When it comes to kids and electronics, there are a lot of opinions and potential troubles. 

How much is too much screen time? How do parents get them off their screens without causing meltdowns? Should kids even have screen time at all?

In this episode of Exceptional Parenting Podcast with Wendy Bertagnole, Lisa Honold, Director of the Center for Online Safety, helps answer all those questions and teaches parents how to avoid the three biggest mistakes when setting screen time rules. 

We also dive into realistic, research-based strategies to help kids navigate screens safely. 

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