How do you teach your kids about appropriate behavior online?

One way is to require that for any account they set up, you get to follow or friend them, so you’ll have a baseline of what they’re doing, who they’re following and what they’re posting.

Then if they post something inappropriate, you can screenshot it and talk to them about it.

But it’s tricky on Snapchat.

If you screenshot a conversation on Snapchat, everyone in that conversation gets notified. It’s a big no-no to screenshot there. Parents who make this mistake may get ugly comments. Kids whose parents do this may get bullied or iced out of conversations.

If you’re concerned about a conversation on Snapchat and want to save it to follow up with your child later, grab a second device and take a picture of the screen with that device. Then you’ll have the ability to refer to it later.

If you want a parental tool that makes it easier to monitor what your child is doing on Snapchat without you having to see every conversation, get BARK. I recommend it to all families with kids who text, use social media, are on YouTube or have email accounts. It lets kids have their privacy when they’re having healthy conversations, but sends an alert to parents when your child sends or receives  inappropriate words, phrases, photos, abbreviations or emojis.

It will save you time and it pays for itself by sorting through all the good stuff to get to the questionable stuff that may need your guidance.

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