Do you wish your morning felt different than the hurry-scurry, never-enough-time mornings you’re experiencing now?

Do you dream of a simple way to start your day “on purpose” but you’re not sure where to start?

Are you tired of juggling piles of post-its, planners, journals, dinner lists and projects?

And you wish there was a way to  streamline all your thoughts and to-do’s into one easy-to-use, organized book?


I used to feel the same way!

Here’s the Solution to Your Morning Chaos:

The 90 Days to Celebrate You® Planner

I’m Lisa Honold, CPA , Certified Parenting Educator & Martha Beck Life Coach. I created a planner that works for parents, business owners and professionals who want to calm the chaos. My background as a CPA means I crave order and focus, while my work as a coach guides clients to their purpose and passions. This planner is the best of both worlds!

My mission is to inspire and support you as you create an extraordinary life, moment -by-intentional-moment.

This planner has been my secret weapon for years, helping me and my clients design extraordinary lives. Now you’ve discovered it!

I had the same struggles you do before I created this planner. I’m a creative business owner, a mom to 3 kids and I’ve always got big projects in various stages. Before the planner, I was a mess. I had a journal for creative writing, a notebook for my projects, another notebook for my goals, a dinner planner for my weekly meals for my family, to-do lists floating on scraps of paper and a traditional daily planner. It was overwhelming. I was always searching for the “right” book to jot down ideas and updates.

My planner allows you to ditch the piles of papers, notebooks and binders that hold various compartments of your life and combine ALL of your life – work, home, family – in one organized space.


.The Celebrate You® Planner Helps You Live On Purpose.

The planner starts your day with intention, which sets up the rest of your day for success. 

Instead of chaos, every idea and update is organized and easy to find in the Planner. What a game changer!

What Exactly is “Intention”?

Intention is living on purpose. Intention is the keystone to a  well lived life.

When you live with intention, you choose who you want to be, instead of leaving your life to chance.

Intention is about BEING your best self. To live your best life, first you set your intention, then you plan the action (the DOING) it takes to live out the intention.

What About GOALS? Why Aren’t You Focused on Goals?

We’ve been misled to think setting a goal is step one. It’s not. Goals are the DOING, the inspired actions that come from your intentions. Intention is the BEING, how you want to show up in every situation.

Before you set a goal, you set an intention.

Here’s the difference: 

Goal: I want to be able to do 20 push ups 60 days from now.

Great goals! But why? What underlying intention are you supporting with that goal?

Intention: I make healthy choices to show love to my body.

See how that shifted? Now you’re talking about a state of being that surrounds the goal and a feeling around that intention that brings hope and joy to the forefront.

Why Start Your Day with Intention?

Setting intentions ensures your actions align with your values.

When you start with intentions, you go to bed satisfied that you checked off the boxes that really mattered that day.

Benefits of Living with Intention:

  • Get more done
  • Do the things that matter to you
  • End the overwhelm and chaos
  • Celebrate your progress
  •  Discover your values and deeper purpose
  • Discover the clarity of an easy “yes” or “no” based on your intentions
  • Enjoy a deeper understanding of yourself
  • Create boundaries around your day
  • Design your day on purpose
  • Add healthy habits into your day effortlessly
  • Make your dreams a reality with inspired actions
  • End the overwhelm


Why Should I Choose This Planner?

First, I need to tell you, I’m a planner connoisseur. I’ve gone through dozens of planners, hoping they would solve my organizational problems but there was always something missing.

I felt like Goldilocks, critiquing each one. Some were too small and limiting. Others were too flowery and feminine. Then there were the ones that were too aggressively masculine and boxy.

Maybe you’ve noticed this too? 

There are so many planners to choose from but not one addressed a full and intentional life the way I needed it to. Trust me! I started laying out the pieces of life that were important for me to track and keep organized and eventually created the 90 Days to Celebrate You® Planner.

You’ll be proud to have this planner on your desk and it’s a pleasure to open. The design is elegant, soothing and Art Nouveau inspired. The spiral binding ensures comfort as you fill in the pages.

Most importantly, the planner designed to support your WHOLE life. Unlike many planners, BOTH sides of your brain get to have input every day.

You start your morning with 10-15 minutes in the Daily Pages. First you feed the right side of the brain with Gratitude, Creativity and Intentions for the day, then satisfy the left brain with Logic, To Do’s and Scheduling. It’s the perfect mix!

When you use the Daily Pages, you can see opportunities and distractions clearly, based on what your purpose is for the day. You stay on task and focused because you see how your actions support your intentions.

  • Get clear on your intentions and long-term vision
  • Set 90 day goals
  • Start good habits
  • Check in daily
  • Join a community of people living on purpose with support and additional training (Facebook)

Imagine the satisfaction of looking back at all you’ve accomplished over 90 days, knowing you were doing the things that mattered in your life.

Gain awareness of how technology is making you feel. Learn which apps uplift you and which make you more anxious with the monthly intentional screens check in. And on a daily basis, track your time on screens with a quick check in. You’ll start understanding the times you’re picking up your device with purpose and the times you’re looking to “numb out.”

 Planner Sections:

  • Yearly goals
  • Word of the year – with BONUS training: I’ll lead you through my process of choosing a word to guide you
  • 90 day projects
  • Bucket list
  • Intentional Screens
  • Business strategy and planning
  • Personal growth planning
  • Monthly planning and review
  • Weekly planning
  • Daily planning





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