School Districts hire us  to establish online rules, limits, policies and boundaries to make students safer online.

 Policing the Online Behavior of Your Students is a Full Time Job in Itself… 

Cyberbullying, sexting, hate speech, over the top violence and other inappropriate content is affecting your students’ mental and physical health.

You want to spend the school day teaching them  the traditional subjects for success, but the reality is, you are spending way too much time trying to keep them safe online. Parent misinformation on what schools can and should do is everywhere.

There has to be a way to partner with parents effectively without feeling like you are adversaries or the kids are in danger of another online crisis.

School districts, parents and communities need to know how to work together for safety. The foundation of this work starts with my Five Circles of Online Safety, a simple and effective way to keep kids safe online. 

It is inevitable that students will either find inappropriate content online… or it will find them.  I provide the education and tools you need to prevent a digital crisis and educate teachers, parents and students on how to stay safe. I also teach specific steps to take if a student has already had a digital crisis and you’re in recovery mode. 

If you would like to learn more about how I can help in your school district, please schedule a call with me. Let’s discuss what you are currently experiencing and how I can support you in the most effective way. 


The Center for Online Safety Helps School Districts:

  • Educate students about how to avoid the dangers of being online
  • Ensure students have tools to make good decisions
  • Give parents the resources to make sure their kids screens are properly filtered, limited and monitored
  • Provide teachers with methods to identify at-risk students and scripts to talk with parents
  • Learn how to use technology to get students safer with minimal effort

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