Children seem to grow up so fast.  Often quicker than they need to. And access to 24/7 technology isn’t helping.

Wait until 8th Grade

The organization Wait Until 8th has put together a comprehensive list of reasons why parent communities should delay smart phones for children at least until 8th grade and it’s a compelling argument.

  • Smartphones are distracting and potentially dangerous for children
  • Opportunities to play outdoors, spend time with friends, read a book and hang out with family lessen
  • The tween brain isn’t ready for such stimulation or access to unfiltered, unlimited inappropriate content

Here’s the Wait Until 8th parent pledge.

Advocate for no smart phones at school

In my work with schools, it’s easy to see the damage that allowing cell phones at school has done to school culture. I walk in at lunch time and kids are focused on their screens, either alone or sharing with their friends. Either way, they’re exploring outward, not inward, and relationships are suffering.

It’s abnormally quiet.

Loneliness, anxiety and suicide in 10-18 year olds is skyrocketing and this culture of 24/7 “connection” through social media and gaming is partly to blame.

Adults have a responsibility to be leaders and remove distractions from learning environments. There’s an organization Away for the Day that compiles research and case studies on why school is better without phones.

What’s your child’s school policy on devices at school?

I’d love to help you change it.

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