About the Center for Online Safety

We believe in protecting kids and keeping them safe online.

School districts and parent groups hire us to help them establish rules, boundaries and limits to make kids safer online. 

We work privately with families in digital crisis and families who want to prevent a crisis. We speak at parenting groups,  community groups and school districts about the importance of cyber safety.

We are not anti-technology. We are pro-guided-use-of-technology.

We have researched and tested countless options to keep children and teens safe and bring you a curated list of effective technology solutions and family conversation starters.

If we had to sum up our philosophy in a few words, it’s that we need to spend the same energy teaching digital safety as we do “real world” safety.

After all, we teach kids how to cross the street, starting with holding hands and looking both ways. We don’t expect them to know how to do this without guidance.

Cyber safety is no different. The consequences of not teaching digital citizenship and cyber safety can be life-threatening. There needs to be an online equivalent of holding hands, looking both ways and giving feedback.

We would be honored to partner with you.

“Is it even possible?” is a question we hear parents asking every day. Especially now.

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