Tired of fighting over screen time?

Let’s get your relationship back on track.

Imagine having your child back how they used to be: sweet, wanting to spend time with you, laughing and having fun WITHOUT screens…

It may be hard to believe but it is possible to end the conflict over screens. In fact, despite all the talk of teenage angst and hormones pulling teens away from their families, the reality is that your child still wants and needs you.

You can help them stop the endless surfing online and start some healthy tech habits, a skill that will serve them the rest of their lives. And you can make these changes without any drama.

We’ll show you how to have vital cyber safety conversations and collaborate on healthy limits and boundaries on technology in a way that includes and respects your child.

A letter to you, dear parent,

If you’re here, you’re probably uneasy about what exactly your kids are doing online. You may also be concerned by your child’s attitude when you ask them to put down their device or worried they’re not doing other things, like schoolwork. The vast majority of parents struggle to control their child’s smart phone usage and gaming so that it doesn’t consume their every waking hour.

It’s disturbing to watch them disappear into their digital world for hours on end… You wish they would just take a break on their own, but it feels like you’re losing them to their device. 

You want to be a good parent.

But how?

What does good parenting look like when you can’t even get your kid to put down their phone?

Your child needs your help navigating the online world.

More than 90% of teens have smart phones and on average they’re on their devices more than 6.5 hours a day *not including homework*. That doesn’t leave a lot of room for family time.

It’s not your fault that screen time is out of control. Parenting this generation of “digital natives” is new to everyone.

Our framework, the Five Circles of Online Safetyis a starting place for simple and effective way to keep your kids safe.

And when you’re ready, we’re here. Set up your no-cost cyber safety consult here and we’ll discuss your concerns.

“Is it even possible?” is a question we hear parents asking every day. Especially now.

Sign up & you’ll get the details on how to get your child to put down their devices and engage with the real world.

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