Parents hire me to help them establish online rules, boundaries and limits that make sense for their family. 

You Know You Should Be Doing Something…
But What? 

Everybody has a different opinion on how to keep kids safe online. Some of the advice is so technical it would take an IT degree to figure out. Other times you hear advice that’s so restrictive or lax, it doesn’t feel like how you want to parent.

It’s not your fault that you don’t have all the answers. Parenting this generation of “digital natives” is new to everyone and the technology changes so quickly–how CAN you keep up?

The answer starts with my framework in the  Five Circles of Online Safety, a simple and effective way to keep your kids safe. 

Even if your child is “a good kid” who would “never do anything bad online”, I can guarantee they will be exposed to dangerous and inappropriate content.

Don’t wait until a digital crisis strikes. Learn how to prevent one in my Level Up Course.

I Help Parents:

  • Rest easy that their kids are safer online
  • Develop scripts to use to educate their kids about the dangers of being online
  • Connect with their kids so it feels like you’re on the same page
  • Ensure their kids have tools to make good decisions
  • Make sure their kids’ screens are properly filtered, limited and monitored
  • Learn how to use technology to get kids safer with minimal effort

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