The Internet Wasn't Designed for a Child's Safety

Our kids are not safe online. Physical and mental health suffers with unlimited access to unfiltered internet. Gaming and social media companies have been allowed to develop massive child/tween/teen-audiences without a meaningful safety standard.

It’s the Wild West out there.

It’s time to develop a system of online safety for our children’s health and well-being.


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School districts and parent groups hire The Center for Online Safety to help them establish online rules, policies and boundaries to make kids safer.

We have identified five actions schools and parents need to take to make kids safer online. When used together, these Five Circle of Online Safety give your kids a significant safety zone to explore all that’s good about the internet.

Resources for Schools

Currently administrators face enormous pressure to “fix” online safety issues like sexting, cyber bullying and a culture lacking empathy.

Learn how schools can bridge the gap in online safety, partner with parents for innovative solutions and, ultimately, teach parents to be leaders in online safety. 

Tools for Parents

We hear so much about cyberbullying, screen addiction, inappropriate content and kids wandering into explicit sites these days…is it even possible to keep kids safe online anymore?

Learn the key boundaries to put in place now to prevent “digital crisis” in the future and discover the Five Circles of Online Safety to keep your kids safe.  


Get Weekly Tips on Parenting for Online Safety.

Things change so quick in the online world–the app that was “hot” yesterday is “out” today.

Don’t be caught unaware. I research and curate all the information parents need to keep their families safe. 




Check out the blog for more resources and tips to keep your kids safe online and ensure your family’s screen time is  intentional.

I do the research to provide you  the most relevant information so that you can easily implement effective strategies to keep your family protected.



Lisa is doing important work in this field in a humane and loving way. She is so gifted at connecting families and communities to help our kids and our families to flourish.

Rev. Marci Scott-Weis

Lisa Honold’s clarity pervades every exchange. Something alchemical happens and Lisa is fully present, broadly informed and productively curious.

Mary Anne em Radmacher

Consultant, Author, Artist, EManate

Lisa’s excellent coaching skills and the resources she offers makes her the top online safety expert for me to refer all of my friends and family.

Maritza Coscarelli

Business Leadership Coach and Speaker, MC Coaching

Thank you so much for the concrete solutions you give parents to implement. Your message of online safety for kids is one all parents, educators and community members should hear.

Lynda Jonas, Esq

Legal Ease LLC

Lisa’s expertise helped me think through how I wanted to parent my teenager. I have new skills and can change my iPhone settings to monitor what my teen does. I learned how to see if my child needs my help with a simple tool and another tool to turn certain apps off. I appreciate Lisa’s guidance in this overwhelming topic.
Evelyn Sipher

Teacher, WA state

Lisa recently gave her presentation “Be the Guard Rails” at the Langley Library. Her materials were organized and concise, and she provided a clear plan of action for parents and other concerned caregivers with her 5 Circles of Online Safety System. Lisa’s style was open and friendly and she invited questions and discussions from attendees, sharing her own personal experiences and welcoming others’ input. The audience was engaged and appreciative of gaining important knowledge that pointed a clear way forward for how to better guide their kids. I highly recommend Lisa’s program to other concerned parents and educators.

Vicky Welfare

Library Manager, Langley Library

Lisa is committed to being a good parent and helping others do the same. She is passionate about connecting other parents through conversations around online safety and educating the community on how to protect children from exposure to the harmful effects of the unsupervised digital world.

Karima Davis

Academic Consultant, Tutor Partners LLC

My Approach

I’m Lisa Honold, an online safety expert passionate about keeping kids safe online. I educate families, community groups and schools about the importance of cyber safety.

My Mission: to improve online safety and eliminate digital trauma so that kids develop into empathetic and intelligent digital citizens.

I’m a certified life coach and parent educator. Equally as important, I’m a Mom to three tech-savvy digital natives, aged 16, 14 and 11 years old. They all love a screen as much as the next kid and they continue to be my best teachers in all the latest apps, trends and dangers online.

If I had to sum up my philosophy in a few words, it’s that we need to spend the same energy teaching digital safety as we do “real world” safety. 

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