Have you ever wondered how we got to this place, where the internet is filled with porn, cyberbullying, predators and doctored photos?

Well, the short answer is, the internet wasn’t invented for safety.

The internet was invented to share scientific research and data and it started decades ago in the 1960’s. From a humble beginning, the idea of information sharing took off and now we all rely on it. Heck, even our refrigerators are accessing the internet! No one considered online safety or the ramifications of having kids on the information superhighway until it was too late. It just wasn’t an issue.

Fast forward to now: we’re living in the digital Wild West when it comes to our kids and online safety. No societal rules. No civility required. It’s time we demanded better.

It’s time to put some new guard rails in place.

We can use structures and systems to keep kids safe and it’s not hard. We can act alone, one family at a time at first, and building to one community, then one city… We can do this.

Want to learn more? Here are the Five Pillars to Online Safety Success.

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