You know those conversations that you put off as a parent…and your child really does NOT want to have with you?  Yeah…those.

I want to talk about those with you so you can ease into those conversations in a more confident way with your children.

First, will you commit to this?

?? ?? Pull up a chair and start a conversation with your kids this week. Just try it. They need your time, your curiosity questions and your guidance through these topics. ❤️

As awkward as it sometimes feels to start a conversation that has no agenda or may go sideways on you, it’s so important.

I just had one of these with my teen yesterday. Although there was a hard situation that started it all, we ended up talking about their goals and vision for their life, my vision for them, how I see their strengths and how their friends can either uplift or drag them down.

Yes, there were eye rolls, followed by tears and awkward pauses. I was uncertain on where this was all headed. But that’s okay. Part of what I want my children to know is that they can do hard things.

It’s so vital for parents to keep guiding kids in the teen years, not from a place of control, but a place of love and belief in them. They are growing up. AND they still need our guidance.

Your child unfortunately, will at some point have to deal with real world issues like cyberbullying, online predators, suicide, anxiety and other issues that happen in the real world.

Here are some of the tough conversations that you need to have with your child, even though it is uncomfortable for them… and maybe even you.

*Topics from article by Officer David Gomez (go follow him on Facebook!)

  1. Sex
    1. Explain the essentials of sex
    2. Partners
    3. Difference between pornography and real relationships
    4. Diseases
    5. Contraception
    6. Other consequences
  2. Respect
    1. At home
    2. At school
    3. In public
  3. Drugs
    1. Consequences (Long Term / Short Term)
    2. Lost opportunities
    3. Cost
    4. Addiction
    5. Future Employment
    6. Toll on the family
  4. Vaping
    1. Consequences
    2. Cost
    3. Addiction
    4. Lifelong Choice
  5. Alcohol
    1. Underage drinking
    2. Parties
    3. Options if wind up drunk (ie, parents will pick up any time)
    4. Friends drinking and driving
    5. Driving consequences
  6. Minors + Nude Pictures
    1. 1st offense = misdemeanor / 2nd offense = felony
    2. Once it is sent it is hard to take back
    3. Permanency online
    4. Extortion possibilities
    5. Future job prospects
  7. School
    1. How important is school to your family?
    2. Reasons for doing homework
    3. What other lessons does school teach?
    4. Student expectations
  8. College
    1. Start looking a colleges in about 8th grade.
    2. Pro’s and Con’s of college degree.
    3. Income / Expense worksheet
    4. What do non-college jobs look like?
  9. Driving
    1. Expectations
    2. Friends in the car
    3. Texting and Driving
    4. Vehicle Maintenance
    5. Options when car breaks down
    6. What to do when you crash
  10. Dating
    1. Minimum requirements for dating (probably good exercise for adults too)
    2. Setting boundaries
    3. How to exit a relationship
    4. How can you tell if partner is controlling (this starts in middle school)
    5. What does a bad relationship look like?
  11. Social Conflict & Bullying
    1. Difference between social conflict and bullying
    2. How to best handle both social conflict and bullying
    3. Anger issues
    4. Problem solving
    5. What if you see a friend bullying or being bullied?
  12. Finances
    1. Budgeting
    2. Credit Cards
    3. Investing
    4. Taxes
    5. Goals
    6. Vehicle and Home purchasing
    7. Savings
I know this list is huge and overwhelming. Just pick one topic to start and commit to a day and time to get curious with your child about the topic. You don’t have to do all the talking; you just have to start the conversation.

Want some help?

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