It’s easy to let screens creep into every minute of every day. When you notice that you’re irritated by all the screen time, it’s time to pull back and make a new plan.

I call this plan your “Family Screen Time Strategy”. Your kids benefit from rules and boundaries, especially when you’re consistent.

You’ll know what to say when they’re “bored”. You’ll know WHY you feel strongly about the rules in your plan. You’ll know how to help them structure their day so that they get what they want and you get what you need.

Here are two of my most popular resources to help you get your kids off their screens.

Go here to get 100+ Offline Activities for Kids (as seen in the Wall Street Journal) & a Summer Expectation worksheet to help them “earn” screen time.

If you’re ready for some fresh ideas on making rules and setting boundaries around screens, book a free Family Screen Time Assessment with me here.

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