Facebook is stalking you…even when your phone is off

You’ve wondered about Facebook privacy, right? Just how much information is Facebook collecting about you?

(If you haven’t, I need you to know this. Although Facebook is “free”, it’s not free. Anytime you sign up for a free product, whether it’s gmail or social media or a funny personality test, you’re trading something. Your privacy, your images, your content. If you’re not paying for the product or service, then YOU are the product.)

Here’s the exciting part–Facebook just unveiled a tool that lets you see which businesses are sharing your personal information and habits to Facebook. Retail stores, medical suppliers, political campaigns, even door bells are sending your usage and content information to Facebook so Facebook can target you with specific advertising.

“If all of this sounds confusing, it’s not your fault. A Pew survey published in 2019 found 74 percent of American Facebook members were unaware the social network builds a dossier on each of us to target ads. Facebook makes its surveillance systems so convoluted and, frankly, boring that we’re less likely to object. I’m not letting that stop me.”

I’m asking you to do three things that will take less than 10 minutes to detach from Facebook’s advertising.

Do this now to improve Facebook privacy

  1. Read this article,
  2. Follow instructions in the article (about 3/4 of the way down) to change your settings with the “Off-Facebook Activity Tool” and reduce what Facebook can see about you.
  3. Share this post with 5 friends so they all opt out of this.

Are you creeped out and ready to start keeping your personal information personal?

Join me for an online workshop on Digital Footprints. Your digital footprint is everything that is known about you online as a result of your online activities.

We’ll cover:

  • How you can manage your digital footprint
  • Who is adding to your footprint, with or without your knowledge
  • What you can do about it
  • How to help your kids manage their digital reputation
  • Your questions
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