I want to show you why I love Bark, the monitoring app that lets me “see” what my kids are doing online. I only get alerts from Bark when its AI (artificial intelligence) suspects inappropriate content is being sent or received by my child. Below is a recap I got recently.

I can drill down to see a screenshot of any content that Bark flagged inappropriate and see bits of the conversation. With this information, I can help my child apply our family values and learn to be a responsible technology user.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Pinterest

I don’t use Bark to “spy” on my kids in a sneaky way and I don’t use the information to shame my kids. I believe in transparency as a parent and my kids know Bark is installed to watch their accounts. We talk about the major alerts that come through and why something is tagged as “bullying” or “sexual content”. I use Bark as a teaching tool and my job is to guide my children toward appropriate behavior, online and offline.

When we know better, we do better. How are kids supposed to “do better” if parents don’t know what they’re doing now online? I want my kids to learn how to be a good digital citizen from me.

Without Bark, I wouldn’t know to have these conversations and I wouldn’t have concrete examples to use from their lives.

What I like about Bark:

? I get to choose what to do with the information
? My child’s activities that are appropriate stay private
? I get real-time information
? It’s affordable. Here’s a discount for you to protect your whole family for less than $8/month!

Bark proactively monitors text messages, YouTube, emails and 24 different social networks for potential safety concerns.  This can give you peace of mind and an opportunity to bring up the hard conversations when your child is already thinking about them!

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