Good question!

A digital native is a young person who has grown up with the internet and all the technology that being online provides.

A person prefers texting to talking. A person who has social pressure to be online 24/7 because that’s what their peers expect.

I am not a digital native.

There’s a huge technology gap between the people who are native internet users and those who have learned how to function in an online world. (There’s a reason you hand your new phone to your 14 year old and ask for their help, right?)

Digital natives feel like technology is intuitive and makes sense.

Selfies, “likes” and “follows” and subscribers on youtube channels have all been hot topics at my house. I see kids using technology for great things, like to connect with each other, group chat and hang out in virtual worlds. I’ve also seen technology increase feelings of isolation, loneliness, social anxiety, depression, addiction and peer pressure.

Kids need adult leadership to learn digital citizenship and understand how to use technology, not GET USED by it.

The problem is, most adults are overwhelmed by the apps available to kids and aren’t experts in how to use them, so they’re not sure how to lead.

Let me help. I give parents easy-to-implement solutions to common tech problems and guide them in becoming leaders for their families. Book your free appointment to learn more about how I can help your family.

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