? Read this if you are a parent with kids who use social media and you feel like you have no idea what they are seeing, or saying or being exposed to… ?

In the last year I’ve heard so many stories of online crisis. Exposure to pornography on the bus. Cyberbullying by classmates. Pressure to send inappropriate photos. Feelings of comparison and anxiety. Digital extortion. Self-harm.

My heart breaks for the families involved. The shame and embarrassment. The loss of trust. The disruption. The loss of friends. The trauma. The wishing it were different, parents wishing they would have DONE something different.

One story that still haunts me illustrates how quickly a digital crisis can turn a family upside down.

This is a “good family”, with “good kids” and good grades. Their first sign of trouble was when three police cars with sirens on pulled into their neighborhood one night and arrested their 17-year old.

The parents didn’t have a clue their son was addicted to porn. They thought all that time online was for “homework”. Didn’t know he was videotaping his sister’s friends undressing. Didn’t know anything about his inappropriate and illegal online behaviors or his spiral into the dark world of addiction.

And the teen? He went through the legal system. Went to counseling. Lost his friends. Transferred schools.

His sister lost friends too and she’s pissed.

Two years later and the family is still traumatized. The parents are still walking on eggshells trying to avoid the elephant in the room. In a very real way, that family was torn apart by the internet.

This Mom’s advice for you, for everyone, is to get smart about online safety NOW. Don’t wait until a crisis. Preventing a crisis is a lot easier than cleaning one up.

Statistically, your family is at risk. In 2018:

  • 70% of teens experienced cyberbullying.
  • 46% of teens were talking about depression and anxiety online.
  • 36% of teens were involved in self-harm or suicide situations.

The suicide rate for our kids is climbing and we need to pay attention before they make a mistake they can’t take back.

And based on my experience, I believe these numbers are low.

I give you these facts not to terrify you but to open you up to reality. Your kids need your help navigating this world. They need you to put up guard rails online and give them leadership, boundaries, guidance and feedback.

>>>I want to help you protect your children.<<<

I want to teach you the foundation for how to keep kids safe online, including:
 my strategy to keep my own kids safe online, after thousands of hours of research, trial and error and training
 the knowledge of top online safety and parenting coaches
 the training and certification from my mentor Martha Beck — one of the world’s leading authorities on connection with others, purposeful living and meaningful human experience….

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Today is the day you begin to take action to keep your kids safe online. All it takes is desire and a decision.

Are you in?

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